Heathkit SB-220
2KW Linear Amplifier
    UPDATE - THE SB-220 WAS SOLD ON 2/20/09

I purchased my SB-220 - 06/02/08 on eBay, the seller included a new power plug, the feet and the original manual. I received it very well boxed but found out the sensitivity knob is a bit tight to turn, doesn't seem to affect operation though. I'll be cleaning it when I get a chance.

I replaced the power plug with the one supplied and removed the packaging material from inside the chassis and then installed the wires back on top of the Eimac 3-500Z tubes. After checking everything out and taking pictures of the interior I read the manual for how to power the unit up properly.

It wasn't much different than my modern Icom 746Pro, position knobs as described and turn the unit on
On CW/Tune it is now showing 1,800 volts and on SSB it is showing 2,350 volts, per the manual I should be seeing 2,500 volts and 3,000 volts.

I ran it for an hour, the fan cools it very well, it's mostly quiet but I'm of course not transmitting on it yet.
I am going to be ordering the following to make this work with my Icom 746Pro.

Ameritron ARB-704 - Amplifier Interface Buffer - SOLD ON 2/20/09
Lightning Arrestor - ATT3G50U-HP
Buckmaster 6 Band OCF Dipole, 3,000 watt version
6  ft LMR400 feedline from 746Pro to PM2000AM Wattmeter
15 ft LMR400 feed line from PM2000AM Wattmeter to lightning arrestor and 8ft ground pole
85 ft LMR400 feed line from lightning arrestor to OCF Dipole
                           New power plug, the old one was pretty beat up
Set per start up instructions, should be seeing 2,500 volts here, will post more when I have more info
Update 7/20/08, On CW/Tune it is now showing 1,800 volts and on SSB it is showing 2,350 volts
The warm glow of Eimac 3-500Z Tubes!!
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