Current Project
Zenith Model 755
Please scroll down to see the chassis pictures and the strange switch that was added to the chassis. Caution, this page will take a long time on dial-up!

This is my current project's page, thankfully I'm going to try and do one at a time!
Chassis after cleaning off the most dust I've ever seen! The tubes looked solid! UGH! I still need to clean the dial and the switches.
Here is the switch that has three wires coming from the chassis
Also the ground and antenna wire
The front of the switch
Cloth speaker wire needs to be replaced.
Chassis has been recapped
Here is another shot of the switch
The wire comes under the chassis and attaches to the volume control, see the outlined green wire in yellow
As you can see the wire comes from the switch to the cap on top of the 55 Tube, one is to ground and the next is on the picture below this one