Viking Radio 1190am & 89.9fm
& KC9NRN Ham Radio
My Radio Station featuring a Ramsey FM35WT FM Transmitter, SStran AMT3000 AM Transmitter,  4-channel mixer, Marantz 4270 Quad Receiver, Marantz 170DC amplifier, Denon CD-Changer, P4 3.6ghz Extreme Edition, 2gig's memory 2 - 74gig 10k Raptor's, and 1 - 250gig WD hard drive plus an 12 megabit broadband connection
AMT3000 set to 1190am and FM35 set to 89.9fm
Ramsey TM-100 set up in my basement, against everything people told me because of SWR concerns. I wanted to put it outside but it looked butt ugly no matter where I tried to put it. As it is right now I get out over a block away which is what I intended in the first place, it sounds crystal clear anywhere in and around my house.
As you can see I removed the Marantz 170DC amplifier. This hobby is expensive! As of 10/12/05 it's on eBay LINK
                                              New Ham Radio - Icom 746PRO purchased on 3/11/08
Just installed my new "Shack" on 3/12/08! Listened to Ham's after my first meeting on 3/12 at the Fox River Radio League. Installing the antenna's on Saturday 3/15/08. Going for my Tech license the last week in April if all things go as planned -    EDIT, passed the exam in Dayton on May 17th!
Ham Shack consists of:

Icom 746Pro        - 100watt Transceiver
Astron RS-35M              - Power Supply
Palstar PM2000A   - SWR / Wattmeter
Ameritron ARB-704       - Interface Relay
Heathkit SB-220            - 2KW Linear Amplifier
Heathkit SB-301    - Ham Radio Receiver
Klipsch Promedia 2.0   - Speakers - Hooked up Mono
Radio Shack SSM-1750       - Sound Mixer
Comet GP-3                  - 2 Meter / 440 Dual band Antenna
Radiowavz 20 Meter     - Dipole using a 1:1 Balun
Buckmaster 6 Band  OCF Dipole  - (3,000 watt version) 40, 20, 17, 12, 10, & 6 meters.
MFJ 270 Guardian Angel     - Lighting Surge Protector for each antenna
Ham Radio Software                  - Ham Radio Deluxe and also Echolink
Home Brew Computer          - Intel Quad Core, 4gigs memory, 640meg video