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04/16/13 UPDATE - All updates since 8/31/11 are on our blog...

8/31/11 UPDATE - Sold the Icom 746Pro Ham radio, Astron Power Supply and 20 meter antenna, we keep getting a beating from this economy and I HATED selling it but it had to go since the radios aren't selling right now.

6/10/10 UPDATE - We should have done this while my Mom was alive, we bought a 1999 Holiday Rambler Endeavor LE and will be picking it up on 7/1/10. She would have loved this!!

11/29/09 UPDATE - My mother died tonight, no words can describe our feelings, we'll miss you Mom!

02/26/09 UPDATE - Well, the time has come, the economy has taken it's toll and the Mustang's, both of them had to go, there was simply no other choice.  I'm leaving the Mustang page up though, for now.

02/20/09 UPDATE Sold the SB-220, the inability to erect the proper antenna means there is no need for a 2kw amp!

02/10/09 UPDATE - No significant changes since May of last year regarding this site. I have decided to sell my Supercharged Mustang and some of the radios to make some room in the house. My diabetes has been getting worse so my newest "hobby" is going to be health. This will be a lifetime change but I plan on keeping up with Ham radio and my tube radios but I won't be purchasing any for the foreseeable future.

05/17/08 UPDATE - I went to Dayton and passed the Tech exam, I have not purchased anymore tube radios since I received my G500 Trans-Oceanic in March, it will be awhile before anymore come home, the economy and gas prices have put a crimp on the hobbies.

03/08/08 UPDATE - I decided I'm going to get into Ham Radio. This hobby isn't so easy to get into, seems you have to actually know Ham Radio to talk to Ham Radio people... thankfully Antique radio people and Computer people aren't like this, more when the equipment I ordered (no thanks to the zero online help from Ham people) gets here.
EDIT - I became a member of the FRRL, check out their website for membership info, great people!

03/08/08 UPDATE - A few weeks ago I won a 1957 RCA Victor TV on eBay, click HERE for pictures!

12/07/07 UPDATE - I wanted to bring the 12S267 to Dave but the weather made this impossible so I brought my  63223 instead to have a blemish repaired and to fix the tuning and lights. I hope to pick it up this Spring and at the same time drop off the 12S267 for repair.

08/09/07 UPDATE - It's been nearly a year since my last update to the home page. The resotred 12S267 has begun cracking on the left and right curved portion of the front of the radio. I spoke to Dave about it about a month ago and he will be fixing it as soon as I can bring it back to him.

09/02/06 UPDATE - I'm in the Extended Stay Hotel in Egan, MN and I just picked up my now fully restored 12S267. I posted a picture from the Antique Radio Company's lobby - HERE
While there I bought the wife a, oh nuts, I can't spell it! I'll look it up, take some pics and post it this weekend.

09/02/06 UPDATE Sold the 8S154 to pay for the repair of the 12S267

08/27/06 UPDATE - Just received a picture from Dave at the Antique Radio Company the 12S267 cabinet has been completed!  What started out as a tragedy of a restoration by someone unqualified to touch wood has turned into a jem! He had to remove three layers of plywood, or some other kind of cheap wood from the top curves and then install the proper veneer. From what he said it was a job and a half, over 150 hours of work! Anyway, I have one picture of the cabinet. The chassis is another matter, wrong caps were used and we will see how it turns out in a week when I drive up to pick it up. Click HERE for the sole picture I have so far.

05/27/06 UPDATE - The 12S267 I bought on eBay wasn't in the condition the seller claimed and the restoration was poor on both the wood and electronics. It's now at the Antique Radio Company for a full blown top to bottom restoration. Dave has completed work on the cabinet and should have the chassis done in a few more weeks. This will be in Museum quality when he's finished. I can't wait! I'll post complete pictures when I get it back. This one should surpass the 12S267 I currently have!

12/11/05 - Well, today I bought a 12S267 on eBay, call me a glutton for punishment but for $1,007.00 it's not something you can pass up easily. It needs electronic repairs and work done to the robot dials but the cabinet has been restored. I have to straighten out the grill cloth and clean up some wax in the grooves but this should prove to be one heck of an investment! I'll be adding new pictures when I receive it and find time to work on it.

10/01/05 - Today I completed my FM radio station. I purchased a Ramsey FM35WT FM Transmitter and TM-100 matched antenna from TAW-Global via their eBay store. Tom was very helpful in helping me get this set up. See the Gallery for pictures!

07/04/05 - While in Minnesota I visited Alan Jasperson and he let metake pictures of his Zenith Stratosphere 1000Z Chassis and speakers! For pictures of this rare beast check out this LINK. I also picked up a Zenith 6S223 table radio, very very nice radio restored by the Antique Radio Company!

07/04/05 - UPDATE. I received my Howard and Silvertone back from the Antique Radio Co this weekend, see them in the Gallery for pictures!! This 4465 is as good as the Philco 16B in receiving shortwave broadcasts, I am amazed at how sensitive this radio is!  The Howard turned out to have those fancy cool blue globe tubes! It sounds fantastic but needs a very long cord to receive decently. Otherwise this thing is fantastic! Unfortunately period wire wasn't used for the Howard as I had hoped.

04/07/05 - Tonight I picked up a 1941 Zenith 8S563X for $36.33 on ebay! It's a little rough but for that price who cares? Check out the Gallery for pictures!

03/28/05 - I dropped off the Howard Model "0" and the Silvertone on Saturday 3/26/05 to the Antique Radio Company in Stillwater Minn. The repairs will be completed by the end of April. I'll post pictures of the restorations when I receive them back.

03/23/05 - I received the check from UPS today! I've made arrangments with the Antique Radio Company. I'll be delivering the Howard and Silvertone this weekend.

03/07/05 - UPS now has the estimate and it's in their hands. If they get me a check in time I will be delivering it to the Antique Radio Company in Stillwater Minn right before Easter.

02/15/05 - UPS is coming this Friday to look over the 4465, they did ask me to give it to them, I explained no thank you. I should have some idea what they plan on doing in the afternoon.

02/11/05 - I've added several pictures to the gallery including an awesome 12S232 owned by Paul Sickles today, no update to the damaged 4465 but the seller has been keeping contact with me and also sent me plenty of pictures of the radio just prior to shipping.

02/10/05 - The 4465 was damaged so I am now going through the damage claim process with UPS. I have added some of the pictures to the gallery HERE. I'll update when I have more info and UPS has come to my house to look the radio over.

02/02/05 - I won a 1936 Silvertone Tombstone today on ebay, this is my first ebay radio purchase. It has multiple bands and a green tuning eye and well, it's almost as nice as the Zenith's! Seriously though it's very nice and I've added the auction pictures to the gallery.

01/18/05 - I received the 8S154 today, wow it looks even better than the pictures show! UPS bounced it around a bit which loosened the tuning shaft, this took only about 30 min's to fix however. It's now in its place in the house and looks fantastic!

12/31/04 - I purchased  a Zenith 8S154 today. I can't wait to get it hooked up! It should be here in the next couple of weeks. What a find!

12/29/04 - I managed to get my 7S458 up and running, after listening to the 12S267 most of the time, listening to the 7S458 showed me how awesome the 12S267 really is! The difference is that extreme!  Anyway, the 7S458 does sound good and is yet another Zenith filling my house with the sounds of the past...

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